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Eliminate Dentistry Care Value Dissonance: Communicate!

There are many details, situations and beliefs about dental care and marketing communication that add up to complexity, paradoxes and logic dilemmas. Connective Communication© recognizes all of these issues.


The formula solves all these problems by taking in the reality of consistent 'comprehensiveness' and not letting concerns about the downsides others have experienced dissuade 'individual' consumers and dentists from becoming successful.


Much more I could…


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Dentists, Dental Professionals Stay Updated in Your Area of Expertise

This is where dentists, other dental professionals access their off, online advanced dental education (CE) courses, stay current, and jump ahead.  Update state board requirements, avoid falling behind competitors, and make sure patients are receiving the best care.…

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Northern Dental Alliance Introduces Newest Member Gayle of Christensen Consulting

Dentists looking to improve their dental office environment for their team, patients and themselves will be excited about the news that…


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Northern Dental Alliance Thanks Dentists Who Visited Star of the North Member Booths

Star In Comprehensive Success...


North To Achievement!

If you were not able to Connect with the Northern Dental Alliance @ Star of the North, find out how you can meet members below.

Dentists were able…


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Tweeted: Gr8! Nashville Dentistry 4A Healthy Beautiful Restored...

Gr8! Nashville Dentistry 4A Healthy Beautiful Restored Rejuvenated Outlook & SAME Dr White 4Your Bright Improved Smile As …


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More Dental Patients Needed, Revenue Neutralized, Reception Area Nearly Neverland? +Nov 2nd CC

33 NEW Dental Patients Per Month (average)

For over a year - one dentist - one location - best Month June 2010, Best June Ever 2010, Best Month Ever June 2010!

How? With Connective Communication.…

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Niche Dental Has Been Ninged!

I should be fine.

Seem to be healing but feeling like something has happened to my entire Ning, maybe the whole thing has been pinged - could be long term trending or quickly removed engagement ring.

Just have to see if things in Ning linger or what harbingers. Meantime...

See me at below URLings only focusing on working - not the playing around with annoying & haranguing rhyming and out of tune fling and sling…

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