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NDA Presents Talk


MN Dental Students lunch on Tommy Johns* (I guess, he paid) and learn on NDA (never dulling audiences**)...

*Students were fed TJ's subliminal fare because pizza sauce now made up over 49% of their blood matter, very close to over supplying them with Tony's Parlor Sopranos and other hum (and gaudy) bling chatter.

**Mental nourishment and vitamin Grade A oratory from NDA will help them avoid future (business, financial and dentistry skills) grey haired…


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Touting the Value of Dental Connective Communication© and Tactile Influence of Postcards

Break the void of virtual reality with the superior tactility of dental postcards.

The VALUE presented in these links is virtually visible - but their tactile transcendence reaches out and touches the hands of actual hands of over 90% of the head of households who are mailed these new …


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Everyone Get in On the Act of Dental CE vs. Teeth Lost, and See How Much Either Due Cost.

Try comparing your state situation on tooth health to dentist education wealth... 

and 'maybe' lack of it causing smile stealth!

What is the status of dental continuing education in your state? Dentists, dentistry professionals are required to take a certain number of 'credit'…


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Dentists Shout Out During InFlighting On Retweet Tuesday @NicheDental Twitter! Follow, Then Merely Swallow.

Follow Twitter.com/NicheDental to get each and all a maize zinger benefits. Many dentistsmay say bennie-ill-twits, but I refuse to follow the crowd of following followers.…


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Music City Dentist Provides An Entire Score of Services, Encore Of Expertise

Dentistry in Music City USA, suggests finding out what is going to help you smile confidently today!

Tweet URL that has been Expanded:…


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Niche Dental Consulting Pics of What Matters on Twitter, Or What I Caught On iPhone, Lily Padded

Since this is the inaugural version I should explain what this is all about, but since that might take me more time today, I am quickly going to post this first item. Then another day, I will give a quick intro and refer back to it in each post thereafter.

Last night's version of…


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Dentists, Let Each #FollowFriday Verb, Syllable and Noun be known!

This week got 23 groups of FOUR dentists plus 1 on @NicheDental #FollowFriday. Additionally, went around the horn as well...

Basically, the 'horn route' is getting sent/linked on these Social Media outlets - LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, MerchantCircle.com (see links below) here on Ning, and next on the…


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Niche Dental Has Loaded up First #FridayFollow on Twitter!

Dentists, why haven't you joined the crew?


It's so easy to do, sometimes dentists just need to follow through. Okay it's not for you, then I say, my lawyer Jay Noble Daggett and his partner Daughter Mary Lou, will be asked to sue.

That's no threat, it's…


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First One To File: Morning Meme-oh! TGIF Style

Shaking the past up on this #TGIF with a tune for the aged of all ages. It's today and yesterday all rolled into one. Heard it?

My Morning Meme-oh! Tweet is for all the Boss's out there, his fans that is:


Just getting started on #FollowFriday thing for #Dentists. July Saturday night. Discount Shades.…


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Pressured Release: Twitter rates #FridayFollow @NicheDental the best time a dentist ever had!

While somewhat sad:

  • for it being the high point for this dentist lad
  • now being questioned by Twitter debuggers faking names with iPad
  • mellow, not yellow, fellow followers who investigate any erroneous fad
  • but I encourage all to be calm, never let things go that way, even a tad
  • because then I will know your life has gone much too far bad*.

Questionable Feat, Actionable…


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Socially Irrepressible Media for Dentists Tired of Same Rolled, Same Mold Auto Bot Squat

Believe I did better with my Morning Meme-o:) than last night's Niche Dental Twitter Pic of Day. (see meme-oh! below) I possibly jumped the gun on the meaning I was trying to get across. Sometimes I have the complete idea in my head, and leave out too much context for anyone to get the entire sense of what I meant, even though it seems like enough from what I…


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Social Media Simplified: Marketing for Dentists

For Dentists like you,

I have developed a simple, unique and powerful way 'for you' to do social media marketing. The price is right, too!

Why would I do all of this, in this way? Because it fits both my expertise in dentistry marketing and my writing personality. Short bursts of creatively and being online to boost the value of dentistry and…


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Dental Postcards Continue to Find Way Into Homeowners Hands, Minds

  • NOTE: Had some fun with this one. Watch out for the word play, etc...

The value of online advertising, social websites, Facebook, Google, SEO, PPC, Twitter, blogging, and the newest concept I probably have forgotten, cannot be denied. Yet a tangible level…


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Floss the Old~Then Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants Dental CE to Gloss Up CV

Avoid letting deep pockets of status-quo-stuck muck up your dental vocation future. Floss any stale skills, then gloss up your resume´ and CV to make sure patient 'requirements' are met!


Head to the website portal for dentists and other dental professionals to access off, and…


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Dentists, Good Luck at Dental Golf Outing in Eden Prairie, Minnesota from NDA



Today, August 6, 2012


Northern Dental Alliance members are sponsoring the…


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Twune Into Dental Marketing Tweets Every Weekday Morning

Dentists, Are you on Twitter yet?


Well, there are great reasons to join. While Niche Dental Morning Memo-ohsmay not be one of those reasons in not so obvious ways, this dentist marketing coach, consultant implores you to implement it as your regular constitutional documentation, weekday morning exploratory coffee enigma.

The fun of it all is the first…


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Niche Dental Consulting Morning Twitter Meme-ohs!

Are you on Twitter yet?

Well, there are many great reasons to join Twitter tweeting mania. Niche Dental Morning Meme-ohs may be one of those reasons.

If you struggle to agree with this opinion, this dentist marketing…


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Blogging Consultant Using Wink-Nudge Effect from NDC: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?

uniqueness NDC_postcards_client_results_ testimonia nichedental_dentist videos
For Consistent Success: Call 1+888.380.0020

NDC, virtually but not literally based at …


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Dental Marketing Planning, Must Become 2nd Nature for Dentists

Dentists are usually their own employer, therefore small businesses, which means they struggle like most small businesses, whether mom and pop in scope or larger. 

However, lone dentists can reach about $1 million in revenues: the average of what one dentist…


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NDA Member Presents: Dental Office Employee, Small Business Retirement Planning Options

> Article by Northern Dental Alliance Member, Rick Epple 

Most dental offices share a variety of critical priorities, such as cash flow, managing taxes, attracting and rewarding valued employees, and establishing a long-term strategy to ensure their own financial security.

Fortunately, dental practice/business…


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