Blogging Consultant Using Wink-Nudge Effect from NDC: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?

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Dentists: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?

With online advertising, such as Facebook, Twitter, dental blogs, Google Plus and many others, many, even most dentists might think direct mail, or specifically dental postcards have lost their value. Maybe those dentists figure mailings will drop lower each day as more and more types of Internet-based marketing are added to the communication quiver.

Yes, this assumption by online marketers of print marketing supplantation and gone bye-bye postal annihilation is correct. You got me. I give up. What was I thinking, merely promoting a product I make a profit from?

What I actually mean, is NOT!

Well, first: Accusing me, the gentle soul of marketing, of a conflict of interest is very interesting at least, and usually something I take personally, and as a threat to my ethics. But today I will let it slide. Just stand aside, and no one will be alarmed by my not so thick skin.

Moving beyond my damaged image and hurt feelings, I object to your/online marketer incorrect assertions that suggest some kind of mailer/printer marketing apocalypse has occurred. Online marketers, while not totally swallowed up by their own swirling swimming pool of conflicting interests, do have some mottled enamel in the game.

Pi = 3.14+ (3MainConnective Communication© Elements)

These online marketer philatelist hating fanatics push what might be
called (and actually called by me) a self fulfilling prophecy of off-line, printed postage paid dental postcardsgone poof positive, which is patently puffed up and pitifully proposed, yet potently promulgated!

Yet, as a dentistry communication specialist,

I harrumph at the insolence of these dental marketers! (I am also a dental marketing consultant for online and off, but only when it suits my needs. Or in this case, when it separates me from the chaff, I want to be separated from to look better than others but not make me look purposely pompous.

So what's this online versus off line (mailing/print type) marketing harrumph all about? Do I have a case against its accusation that postcards are not working for dentist officesimpudence? I do! I do have a case!
In short, here is my recalcitrant rebuttal: which can be linked to on my blog.

Dental Consultant Uses Wink and Nudge Effect on His Marketing Blog: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?


Remember... ;-)


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