Dental Marketing Planning, Must Become 2nd Nature for Dentists

Dentists are usually their own employer, therefore small businesses, which means they struggle like most small businesses, whether mom and pop in scope or larger. 

However, lone dentists can reach about $1 million in revenues: the average of what one dentist with no associates or other dentists as partners.

Less sales in less populated areas, and dentists who do better on the 'business side' - having a large hygiene patient base for example, can achieve even higher revenues, even without additional dentists in the practice. 

Because they run their own business, and run them like dental offices not as 'businesses first' or some structure that has a wider perspective, there often is a gap in their business model. This narrower focus leaves some elements on the sidelines rather than a parallel 'needs to be there' in some form strategy.

Marketing for the dental office is one of those areas. Planning of course would then be non-existent or nearly.

Unfortunately, this missing element is more problematic because communication has been, and is becoming more vital to success as well as changing very fast. These changes add complexity and offer more chances for charlatans to access the funds of unwary dentists, more often those in a hurry to make up for lost time.


Via the following article link, I offer some advice and strategies to give dentists an arm's length buffer to avoid making the wrong moves, and hopefully to start making significant headway in dental office revenue growth.



Dick Chwalek,Dental Marketing Consulting

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