Dental Postcards Continue to Find Way Into Homeowners Hands, Minds

  • NOTE: Had some fun with this one. Watch out for the word play, etc...

The value of online advertising, social websites, Facebook, Google, SEO, PPC, Twitter, blogging, and the newest concept I probably have forgotten, cannot be denied. Yet a tangible level of denial is in the ether in significant ways. The denial of what is still working.

As a promoter of dental postcards ( & for a seller of postcards for dentists' offices ( can assume as much conflict of interest as they want about my position. But if dentists can deal with that weight of potential perspective diminution, I will proceed with my goal of completely ending direct mail value denial!


So dentists and the rest of us are excited about the new online marketing technology. Of course, this would only be dentists doing, or wanting to do, public communication of their dental services. Yet, for all the excitement, these ideas unfortunately have their blow back.

The blow back is the relinquishing of reality. Or at least the virtual reality of relinquishing reality. Besides those semantics, my word antics and less than academic pun-dantics, the Internet is still about humans beings and less about Neo and the Matrix.

And yes, there is also the likelihood that any new technology is fraught with the value of getting in too soon with those so-called early adopters. This means dentists, and dental office personnel must take into account how many actual potential patients will be available on any one, new online marketing platform. for example is less about numbers than it is about advocating for specific causes, news and product promotion, and a fun, unique way to communicate. While there is still value in the Twitter platform for dentists, it just does not have the volume of participation and awareness (by the 'general' public) that some more traditional marketing media still has.

That gets this dentistry marketing consultant to the concept of dental postcards, and how they are perceived by dentists, and dental office staff (sometimes the marketing decision makers) as well as the general public. Denial of the value direct mail has in the public mind, is quite a bit of urban mystical history, and most of it anecdotal, which ironically is very powerful, and extremely hard to overcome in general.

Maybe dentists or other readers noticed how I just gave away the colonel, or actually kernel idea of what is missed by most people, as to how direct mailers work their magical reality. It is the major point I want to get across. Again, what I should say, it is the general point. Basically, general is the point persona in this war on reality denial. General is not the individual consumer.

Communication is never a general force, it has a mind numbing singularity of purpose. Just as most people have an anecdotal generalized understanding of marketing, marketing has an equal but opposite individualized effect. Marketing is only effectual when it works, it only works when there is someone ready to accept the effect.

This concept of individualized effect is so real and significant when personalized, but counter-intuitive and not relevant in the aggregate public mind. As a public and as dentists, we make say things like: "I hate getting postcards. It just piles of paper. Why do them dastardly mailing people send me all this stuff?" And then the categorical killer, "It's all just junk mail!"

While this relieves some tension in our lives, like a Zen moment tinged with some corporal punishment of marketers, the tension is a symptom of our need to get/see something we want.

What if it was a postcard was sent to us with Ed McMahon saying he would be visiting soon to hand us a $10 million check from Publisher's Clearinghouse of Lots of Paper Filled Envelopes? Besides being creeped out, and wondering if seances were surreal, that notification of winner-hood postcard would be like the 2nd humming of Dean Martin. You would sing out, That's Amore´at the first sight of that postcard in your mailbox! Right?

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