Dentists, Let Each #FollowFriday Verb, Syllable and Noun be known!

This week got 23 groups of FOUR dentists plus 1 on @NicheDental #FollowFriday. Additionally, went around the horn as well...

Basically, the 'horn route' is getting sent/linked on these Social Media outlets - LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, (see links below) here on Ning, and next on the Unique Tweak Tweet Blog.

Tweet URL:

23rd & Final #FollowFriday 4 Dentists Fest, somewhat in jest, mostly to expertise attest those who follow with interests in best. #FF4DFest !

Actual final 23rd Tweet URL here:

Nothing in way now. Promise~last sock it to you LaughIn Pow! @SmilesGreenBay @lasvegasendo @ParksOrtho @Florida_Dentist @NorwoodParkPeri #FF

LinkedIn where things are well, linked in... my stuff as well by special dispensation, and on my back end extra, compensation...

Five Fido Mac-Gruff barks, "Facebook it, Darn Yo Yo!"

Not a very nice, squeaky way to end dings, but get your darn hands off my quirky humor pun grates! Updates

> Above MC link does not go directly the update, only to site in general

Dentists, Big Deal Dental Social Media time now!

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Richard Chwalek

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