Dentists Shout Out During InFlighting On Retweet Tuesday @NicheDental Twitter! Follow, Then Merely Swallow.

Follow to get each and all a maize zinger benefits. Many dentistsmay say bennie-ill-twits, but I refuse to follow the crowd of following followers.
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Instead I lead in following other followers first, on Twitter, where dentists should follow me, too. Since my sense of pride's wider, thicker, heavier set in its ways than mere follower followers who don't assume the position of rightful err apparent as I do on many occasion, I ask you to be different as I am.

Ever notice how people like me think as-lichen. Don't merely be following followers, follow the leader of following followers! @NicheDental as different as differing followers are different that other followers like themselves... This could go on for a lot longer but I think you follow me now, right?

Take what you will from this exacting bit of information bloat I have floated here. Dingy longing may never have been your intention, but inflation of contextual meaning has always been my banal lonely* invention.

It often seams like a constant thread with me, but threading the needling of pun meant's been very trying & error, varying error in trying & trying to vaguely error again, until I now have error variation down to a timely trying psychological annoyance.

This Monday morning's trial & tribulation was conceiving a weaving, shucking, conniving and husking umpteen a maize zingers, 102 characters (with link, wink, nod and standard intro) assimilation into a dense narrative assassination.

Some days it works; sum days adds up to:

Tweet Link

Tweet Text Morning Meme-o:) Nothing knew today~It's a-wry season. No illegibility efforts~is the new~must-now lesson. Know reason.


Google Glee Eyed Pale Wide Slide to virtual Naugahyde

I have Facebook Zucker Birded you into discovering this missing link of lifeless and limp humor.


LinkedIn, LinkedUp and around LinkedHere...


Unique Dental Social Media, for Dentists, and Dentistry Industry.


*Misspelled 'banal lonely' is the word 'baloney' or Grease is the word baloney... depending on your ruse a call back knowledge, or musical knowings...

Writing Reduced, Status Produced and Issues Induced

By this Dental Marketing Connective Communication© Consultant...

Richard Chwalek

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