Eliminate Dentistry Care Value Dissonance: Communicate!

There are many details, situations and beliefs about dental care and marketing communication that add up to complexity, paradoxes and logic dilemmas. Connective Communication© recognizes all of these issues.


The formula solves all these problems by taking in the reality of consistent 'comprehensiveness' and not letting concerns about the downsides others have experienced dissuade 'individual' consumers and dentists from becoming successful.


Much more I could write/say now, but already have, but here's a challenge:


The symptoms of dentistry communication ineffectiveness...

  • Trailing behind other dentists in the community.
  • Too many patients are delaying their dental care.
  • About 50% of the public not going to the dentist on a regular basis.


Take a leadership role;

Collaborate with the marketing experts who can help! 


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Article written, posted by

Dick Chwalek


Dick is also a Northern Dental Alliance member.


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