Everyone Get in On the Act of Dental CE vs. Teeth Lost, and See How Much Either Due Cost.

Try comparing your state situation on tooth health to dentist education wealth... 

and 'maybe' lack of it causing smile stealth!

What is the status of dental continuing education in your state? Dentists, dentistry professionals are required to take a certain number of 'credit' CE hours, often determined by their state dental boards.

However, there are some states that have no requirements from what I can tell... Check your state below:
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Almost all we do involves education. Requirements should be little more than waking up to the coffee.
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Take the number above 0 or higher from the dental requirement and compare to these tooth loss states by state. See what you come up with, or of course, don't come out of the mouth pith...

All Teeth Lost By Age 65 Stats/Percentage:

It seems that North Carolina and Indiana had the closest 'education required and complete edentulism (total tooth loss)' correlation. However, those two states are not in the Top Five of populations totally edentulous at age 65: Again, CE state numbers here.


Earth to Google! We need your put in on this dire suggest about teeth and who is trained to stop the lack of usable enamel on the planet.

Can those who must Facebook up to the level of required learning needed make the upgrade or will loss of teeth spread like piled, tired enamel along the road?

LinkedIn... Where it all (above) started:

Written, 'researched' and widely inculcated...

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