Floss the Old~Then Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants Dental CE to Gloss Up CV

Avoid letting deep pockets of status-quo-stuck muck up your dental vocation future. Floss any stale skills, then gloss up your resume´ and CV to make sure patient 'requirements' are met!


Head to the website portal for dentists and other dental professionals to access off, and online advanced dental education (CE) courses, to keep current, even jump ahead.


Update state dental board requirements, avoid falling behind other dentists in area, and make sure patients are receiving the best care.

Niche Dental Collaborate(NDC) provides a resource for improving their skills efficiently and successfully.
By visiting NicheDentalCollaborate.comand its Off and Online CE portal, restorative, cosmetic and implant dentists, hygienists, offices personnel and dentistry assistants can discover the sources for continuing their education.


Below is a SAMPLE list of courses*
(caused by diseased roots/damaged nerves)

  • The Art of Endodontics
  • State-of-the-Art Endodontics: Mastering the Game within the Game
  • Real World Endodontics - Dentists, Dr. Ken Koch & Dr. Dennis Brave
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches Additional Exam(s)
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches E-Book


OTHER Restorative Dentistry, and Dentures

  • Restoring the Severely-Worn Dentition - Dentist, Dr. John C. Cranham & Buddy Shafer, CDT
  • Complete Denture Technique - Dentist, Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Fully Edentulous: Overdentures and Anchors - Dentist, Dr. Maurice Salama



  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations - Dentist, Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Conservative Esthetic Dentistry-Clinical Challenges - Dentist, Dr. Tom Trinkner
  • Conservative Prep for Anterior Porcelain Veneers - Dentist, Dr. Ross Nash
  • Creating Exquisite Anterior Provisionals - Dentist, Dr. Robert Lowe
  • Creating Exquisite Posterior Provisionals - Dentist, Dr. Robert Lowe
  • Crown & Bridge: The Esthetic PFM - Dentist, Dr. Mike DiTolla
  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant - Dentist, Dr. Ryan Schwendiman
  • Art & Science of Direct Resin Restorations - Dentist, Dr. Newton Fahl
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition - Dentist, Dr. Chris Pescatore


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