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Dentistry in Music City USA, suggests finding out what is going to help you smile confidently today!

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How can #dentistry improve lives? What can stop gum disease? Where is complete care offered? TN


Kent E. White, DDS
Center for Advanced Dentistry PLLC
Nashville, TN 37212


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THere I go again making Facebook all healthy and stuff!
Stand up, move around, jog in place, eat less than a dozen donuts today (I gave one to my dog, and my neighbor came over, and he looked at them for five minutes before looking at me, so I gave him nearly 2/3s of one. The dog didn't like sprinkles. Sprinkled ones were 1/2 price today. So I am down two! Of course, I now usually get two dozen, just in case my neighbor brings his family over.) And Floss after each donut. If that doesn't stop you from eating donuts, what will. It stopped me. But now my neighbor, his family (even my dog) are total Lar... ...sses! (No, Large Masses. What did you think, I didn't... right there/leave out? Let's be kind people, the election's over.)\


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