Niche Dental Consulting Morning Twitter Meme-ohs!

Are you on Twitter yet?

Well, there are many great reasons to join Twitter tweeting mania. Niche Dental Morning Meme-ohs may be one of those reasons.

If you struggle to agree with this opinion, this dentist marketing coach, consultant still implores you to implement it anyway, as your regular constitutional documentation and weekday morning exploratory coffee enigma.

By following Niche Dental on Twitter, the dental industry, dentistry professionals, and dentists may find out why Dental Marketing is fun. Then again, this assumption could have various flaws.

Why flawed? Because you will be presented morning 'quotes of the day' -- seen through the eyes of famous, intelligent, significant people who only exist in this dental consultant's frame of early daydreaming mind.

It is like Finding Ralph Waldo Emerson Lake and Palmer within riddles of irrelevant past experiences, misinformation word play, non-sequitur erroneous idioms and a very reverse knowledge of entertainment trivia and historical data.

The goal is not to get lost, or at least quickly find your way out... 

After all this fun and frivolity (hope springs eternal), dentists, dental industry leaders, and dentistry professionals can discover superior dental marketing strategies and ideas from dental postcards to dentist branding/logos design.

Join and Follow...

Smiling is good for all, even people serious about their business.


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Dick Chwalek


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Comment by Dick Chwalek on July 30, 2012 at 2:11pm

Have some fun with dental marketing consulting, then let's get to work.

Dick Chwalek,


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