Niche Dental Consulting Pics of What Matters on Twitter, Or What I Caught On iPhone, Lily Padded

Since this is the inaugural version I should explain what this is all about, but since that might take me more time today, I am quickly going to post this first item. Then another day, I will give a quick intro and refer back to it in each post thereafter.

Last night's version of ND Twitter POD, was taken a couple months ago at 'Bahall' Lake -- .3 of mile from here -- located between Lake Maria State Park and my parents in law's farm in Silver Creek Twp, MN.

Tweet version:

Tweet Text Pic of Day: iPad~Ipad the truth, notepad, launch/iBachelor Pad~Swank/ThinkPad or really lily pad:

This pic turned out nice compared to half of others I take. My iPhone (next to latest version) is good for close ups, not much for distance or action, which makes sense, but is only visual recording device I have with me during my 'hiking activities' to forever capture some flora or fauna. It's especially frustrating when I'm trying to catch that elusive owl in the woods*.

Owl photo in question:

Swinging tree to tree in pursuit is difficult enough, so to ever get my hands on one would be choice, but a picture would be cool too, dude!


Edgar Awry Blurphotos

aka Richard Chwalek

*Just kidding about catching owls. Two things against me the swinging tree to tree: First my small hands would slip from anything but the smallest branch. Second, my luck means the first branch I grab would be rotten. And, falling to the ground from many feet up is also not an activity this 50 year old body (but feels like a young 75) cannot bear again.


Here is where I finally Facebook my inadequacies in photography. Take heed 'they' warn (the photography-anados who say nada to my taking photos), unless I take pictures when my world has stopped moving or moving around me. Taking time to smell the lily pads, as they say....

Here it's a shorter dry-a-liable photo rant, but LinkedIn to all the businesses that REALLY matter! No, no, I'm just bent out of shape. And, you can be one that REALLY matters, if you just connect. I not a snob; I just have angle management issues.

I need a good angle on getting businesses to connect. If you have any suggestions, I can try to angle and reel with them as long as they don't seem fishy. It's not that your ideas won't be good, it's just that I was voted bratwurst angler on this fully cooked bloat that I now float.

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