I should be fine.

Seem to be healing but feeling like something has happened to my entire Ning, maybe the whole thing has been pinged - could be long term trending or quickly removed engagement ring.

Just have to see if things in Ning linger or what harbingers. Meantime...

See me at below URLings only focusing on working - not the playing around with annoying & haranguing rhyming and out of tune fling and sling BSing I am done writing in this Ning blogging..

Dick Chwalek

Me with My Dentist - talking shop...

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Comment by Dick Chwalek on October 2, 2010 at 11:07am
Last night a waitperson at Buffalo Wild Wings (A competitor of Nings Bings & Things) asked Rick (colleague) & I if we were brothers. We could not convince him we had no blood relationship. Why? He said - "Come on. Your noses are the same." I said - ironically and sinusBScatologically we are both suing the same plastic surgeon - 4millions. And will be buying this franchise. 4some reason when he came for the check - he did not believe my excuse: as future owner - I do not have 2pay. I flatly refused & had 2pay through the nose. As you can tell - my BILL was extremely large. :-) Profile shots - not my thing. Ya think! PS: After doing research in some of Biblical proportions texts- Rick & I do have a nose 2spite face relationship. Yes, I do also have a face - go to Google Earth - it has an satellite view of it - which works best.


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