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Dentists, why haven't you joined the crew?


It's so easy to do, sometimes dentists just need to follow through. Okay it's not for you, then I say, my lawyer Jay Noble Daggett and his partner Daughter Mary Lou, will be asked to sue.

That's no threat, it's mostly something that's just normally in lieu of your lack of wanting future business to pursue. Just ask Steve Balmer, who's now under review.

Every smile makes us calmer. With tough days@ MS, flash one@ Steve Balmer. @DrWhiteDentist @WantaghDental @SmileOconomowoc @ADSugarland #FF


Rhymes are not crimes unless done with a wry for the end times.


Bought to buy,

Richard Chwalek,

The Lie And Art Ed Major, Authority on Authorizing Authors of Altered State and Addled Fate Auteur.

Facebook was granted full permission to allow my tweets to be rebroadcast even with restraining orders backed up in the kitchie way of thinking Labrador we must reconsider for its own demerits and diss-tempers.


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Richard Chwalek

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