Pressured Release: Twitter rates #FridayFollow @NicheDental the best time a dentist ever had!

While somewhat sad:

  • for it being the high point for this dentist lad
  • now being questioned by Twitter debuggers faking names with iPad
  • mellow, not yellow, fellow followers who investigate any erroneous fad
  • but I encourage all to be calm, never let things go that way, even a tad
  • because then I will know your life has gone much too far bad*.

Questionable Feat, Actionable Tweet:
Original Link Location for Friday Follow Tweet Below

#FollowFriday for #Dentist Followers~Coming up...Suspense builds...Sooner than Saturday...More suspense...Bit more> Friday! That's Tomorrow!


> Posted, written & rewritten by
Richard Chwalek
OR more or less possible an effort by 1 of his aside kicks.


*Regretfully, my high point in life was when commissioned to do a project as a used bar salesman cad, who's best seller was wicker wine and beer glasses, which constantly leaked on tables and chairs coated in a nauseating neon plaid.


Richard Chwalek

pixel fated as your viewing stress sir.

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