Social Media Simplified: Marketing for Dentists

For Dentists like you,

I have developed a simple, unique and powerful way 'for you' to do social media marketing. The price is right, too!

Why would I do all of this, in this way? Because it fits both my expertise in dentistry marketing and my writing personality. Short bursts of creatively and being online to boost the value of dentistry and dental care make my day.

Dentists like you get my undivided attention for 10-20 minutes a day, 3 or 4 days a week, and you receive some great promotion, SEO linking to your sites, and create a LARGER community of consumers seeking out your dental services.

BELOW, get examples of how it works and what it costs. Plus I provide some other FREE promotional platforms and other add-ons to make this a fantastic opportunity...

FIRST, There are fourtypes of ways I will market your dental office:

#1 On Niche Dental's twitter account, example:


#2 On Niche Dental Facebook:


#3 On YOUR Twitter account, example:


#4 and/or On YOUR facebook account, example:

As many as 51+ Twitter tweets, Facebook mentions, Google+ sharingLinkedIN posts and/or MerchantCircle updates, TOTAL PER month for one LOW price*. Every tweet or mention is unique and includes one link to another of your sites, and a photo is added about 1 out of every 3 tweets or mentions.

I will do all the work--even make the photos (mostly using your dental sites, via screen shots). No monthly input after our first discussion, but you can always make suggestions, etc. via email. However, it requires none of your time, and I can add to what you are doing, and can be an adjunct to your other marketing or used even if you have a marketing group already.

The low price makes it doable for almost any type of situation or dental practice marketing structure. I can even set up your Facebook or Twitter account. That will be an additional cost but only a one time fee.

Basically, dentists can do as much as he/she wants, and just bring me in to fill in the Social Media content gaps you have or add to your content.

We might take a little time developing your personality - into my tweets - but each tweet is mostly saying, "Try us out, this is what we do, we want you to know, etc."

The cost is $50 per month, and dentists like you get 51 tweets or mentions. I will do them on both my accounts (twitter/facebook) and split them up on yours, half left each, or all on one. I can do all of them on my accounts for the same fee as well.

> Add $75 set up fee, so first payment is $75 plus 1st month $50, total of $125*. There is a 3 month minimum, and the agreement automatically repeats for 3 months every three month anniversary. But if you wish to cancel, I need a 30 day notice before each 3 month anniversary occurs.

*NOTE: Fees subject to change. And because it is all done by me, I am only accepting about 15 dentist clients worldwide. Dentists like you get an exclusive ZIP code territory. Yes, it may be filled by the time you see this, and the fee may also rise before the list is filled out, but it's simple to find out...

Just email me at

--- More added promotion noted below


Dick Chwalek

After the first call of discovery about your practice (up to one hour free during first call) and $25 per half hour after that for any other discussions, consulting, etc.

@NicheDental Tweets will be displayed FOR FREE with program above
--- as they come up at all 6 of these sites...

> EXTRA PROMOTION: I will post a 5 tweets version of your twitter account, on the 5 sites/minimum 12 months, $10/month with program above. $15/month without - with $25 set up fee.

INCREASED REACH BLOGGING: Get your blog entries posted on my two sites: one per month for $15 with program above, $25 without.
-- I can grab from your site, even somewhat rewrite services and whatever else is there to create a blog post of a few hundred words. However, from scratch/new blog article writing is extra.

Permanent Links from all sites above plus to your sites, such as your Twitter, Facebook, practice site, blog, directory listing, etc. (up to four) for a $95 one-time payment with Social media program above or $175 if not part of the program.

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Comment by Dick Chwalek on October 3, 2012 at 1:07pm

Dentists should jump on this right away! Only 15 clients nationwide. Marketing for dentists who want to be on facebook or twitter or add more content.


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