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Believe I did better with my Morning Meme-o:) than last night's Niche Dental Twitter Pic of Day. (see meme-oh! below) I possibly jumped the gun on the meaning I was trying to get across. Sometimes I have the complete idea in my head, and leave out too much context for anyone to get the entire sense of what I meant, even though it seems like enough from what I know.

Unfortunately, it's too scary for people to know what I know or in the way I know, so giving complete context has never been sanctioned by my brain sensors. They restrict a lot of the waves that those gray to dark matter thoughts might make in the general filtration.

Therefore, I suggest considering having a swimming who-knows-what-the-heck-he-just-meant-to-say buddy with you at all times. It is always rough whether, or not, you get it in these sees something most people don't region of OMG-shun-him large swells of over confidence and reeks of seeing something in the weeds no one else can fathom.

Mark Twain! I say, Mark Twain!

It's getting deep and dense in this high tide low brow humor swirling pool, awry he went a river of rapidly deteriorating sentiments, and muddled commentary, watered down unintelligibly.

So read this tweet...and let seep in a scientifically sensible pool lesson. Morning Meme-o:)
Sun revolves around the earth. World is flat. Pluto is a planet...
Science miscued by insight unseen.

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